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Broad-tip calligraphy pen form skewer? Answered

I'm wondering if you can make a calligraphy pen from a bamboo skewer.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you mean the standard bamboo shish kabob skewers, you can, but with provisions. You must know how to whittle a proper nib, the nib will be very small and require a lot of re-inking and you will have to wrap the barrel in tape or something to give it some bulk so you can grip it correctly and the nib will split wear down rapidly unless it is hardened.
I've never used bamboo skewers but I have tried some larger pieces of bamboo for this purpose. My method was to carve the basic shape of the nib, removing all the inner pithy material and then saturating it with super glue to harden and ink-proof the fibers. After the glue dries finish making the nib and smooth it down with 600 grit sandpaper.


8 years ago

I have bamboo skewers in a pot of perfume to absorbe the liquid and scent the air so - Maybe it would work - try it out and let us know