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Broken Arduino? Answered

Few days ago I was making arduino project which involved using power supply with 12v (musical floppies). I had uno connected to my laptop and I was connecting power supply to floppy which arduino was supposed to control, but I plugged wire in wrong socket. Computer  and power supply shut down immediately. I checked later and it appears that I put 12v straight into ground that was also connected to arduino. And later when I tried to upload something on board I got error 0x00 not in sync. 13 led turns on when connected, but board dodn't respond to reset. But it appears on computer so it's not completely fried I think. After some research I bought usbasp programator to try burning new bootloader, but after connecting it always say target doesnt answer. check connections. I did that (didn't checked with multimeter yet) but Im pretty sure its wired correctly. Any ideas? And if not is buying new chip (atmega328-p) going to solve problem?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Sounds like you burned out the main controller chip. The chip that handles the USB to serial interface between the PC and the controller is fine which is why the LED is going and the PC recognizes the USB device that is plugged in.

If you have the version with the socketed chip you can certainly buy a new chip for about $4. Spend a little extra and you can get one with the arduino boot loaded already on it. You can find them at Sparkfun.

I need to get a new chip for one of my Nove boards.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks, I suspected something like this after burning bootloader didn't work. I'll buy new chip.