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Broken Headphones Oh Noes Answered

Hey, what's up everyone, I'm new.  Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules.

So I'm sure you've gotten tons of these already, but, I have a pair of broken earphones.  Two pairs actually.  On both, the right side is broken (as in, no sound).

I took them apart and found that on one of them the coating of the wire seems to have melted or something (there was sticky black stuff all over the inside), and on the other the diaphragm thingy is detached.

So at first I thought there were frayed wires somewhere, but the electromagnets on both still work (I tested them with a piece of metal, the attraction was still really strong), so I figured that there must be something wrong with the diaphragm (what are those things called?  the plastic cone thingies?).

My question is:  Is there a way to test the diaphragm thing, and if that's the problem, is it fixable?

Thanks very much in advance.


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10 years ago

The diaphragm should move or vibrate when you play music through the headphones.  Connecting the headphones to a source like your PC or mp3 player creates an electromagnet that moves the diaphragm to make sound.  If the wires are intact, you should be able to  hear something, even if just a buzzing sound.  The diaphragm may be shot because it is ripped or the elastic/foam edging to the case is in bad shape.  The headphone is really just a tiny speaker so if it was overloaded and burnt out, the internal wiring may have melted/broke.  Maybe you can cannabalize the working units and create one set of headphones.  Good luck.