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Broken I book screen. I want to hack my old computer into a stay at home computer. How do I replace a laptop screen ? Answered

my old ibook screen is messed up, I want to either fix it, or replace it (with some other flat laptop screen from another broken computer maybe) but I want to take it apart from the base and hang it the screen on the wall, and keep the base on the my desk. I see this as a max headroom style home computer. I don't need it as a portable computer anymore, so I can use another screen but I want it to look like some post industrial piece of hack work. Any help?



10 years ago

changing the laptop screen might be possible, check http://ifixit.com. It will require work, and you wont be able to split the two halves as you describe.

You could alternatively, get a cheapo lcd monitor and hook it up to the computer. this would allow you you to do whatever you want