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Broken Playstation controller. Help? Answered

Well, last Saturday I bought a Playstation controller from a yard sale. It was an original PS controller, you know, the ones without analog sticks or rumble motors. Anyways, I plugged 'er in, and it played fine. I was able to play for hours with no problems. I woke up the next day, plugged it in, and nothing. The controller just stopped working. I've tried several times since then, and it still is not working.
 I cleaned it all out on the inside, I made sure the buttons and button contacts were clean, I cleaned the part that connects to the Playstation, but it still won't work.

I tested out a couple of working controllers in the same controller port, and they both work fine.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Same question as


isn't it? I'd still bet on an intermittent cable or cable connection. If so, flexing the cable in various places may get it working temporarily; that would confirm the disagnosis.

Then the question would become whether it's the cable, the plug, or the cable's connection to the controller board. Looking at where flexing fixes it may help answer that; if not, open up the controller and do continuity tests between the board and the plug, looking for something that fails to go through.

If you do find a break in the cable, or if the problem is inside a molded-body connector ... simplest fix would be to solder in a replacement cable (maybe scavenged from a worn-out controller?).


Answer 9 years ago

Well, sorta. The other question was for a 3rd party, but this one is for a original Sony controller. Both I bought broken for cheap. Both are giving me head aches....

But, yeah, I'll follow your advice. Maybe I'll just rip one of the cords out of the 3rd party controller and saulder/splice it into the official controller?