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Broken USB 2.0 Answered

Is it possible to fix a USB 2.0 that has become loose in it's case.  It  attaches to a Cooler Master Laptop cooler.  But since my cat hit it with his head it is now loose in its socket and will not power my Cooler Master.  It only has the 1 USB that plugs into my Laptop and runs from the battery or power cord of the Laptop or if the Laptop is  plugged into a power outlet.  I bought a new and different Cooler for my Laptop but I find I don't think it cools as well as my old Cooler Master.

I have tried Cooler Master company itself and they were of no help.

Can someone here help me with this problem.  I will try and explain how it is connected to the Cooler Master itself.
The USB 2.0 has a long cord  that splits into two different wires.  Like a Y set up. One leg of the Y goes to 1 fan and the other Y goes to the second fan.  So both fans are connected to the Y with the USB 2.0 at the end of the Y that plugs into my USB port on my Laptop.  So with out the USB the Cooler Master will not work.

I hope I explained it all right.  Can someone PLEASE help me fix this.  I do not like the new fan.  
I want my Cooler Master back.

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Thank You.............Glenda D



4 years ago

Option 1: Get a cheap 5V USB wall wart.
Option 2: Open the laptop, check and fix the broken solder connections on the USB port or if doubt replace it.


Answer 4 years ago

Hello (Aussie) Downunder35m

it isn't broken in my laptop, thank goodness its the actual link from the cooler master

to the computer that the usb is loose.

Thanks for your help Mate.



Answer 4 years ago

That is good news indeed, a cable is quickly replaced from the scrap box.
Fixing a USB port inside a laptop is totally different skill set.
Glad you found the culprit!


4 years ago

If I follow what your talking about it sounds like the plug has come un glued. A lot of those type of things are held in place with hot melt glue. (On off computer buttons are usually held in place with hot melt glue.) So simpley open the unit up and glue the jack back in place with some hot melt glue.


Answer 4 years ago

As I told downunder35m it has nothing to do with my laptop usb. The laptop cooler (cooler Master) connects to any of my usb on my laptop. It's the actual usb on the cooler master that is loose. I could probably pull the (metal) usb out with my hands.

So if I can get it in the right position do you think hot glue will hold it and it could work again? I would have to get it in the right spot to do that. It's worth a try.

Thanks Vyger.