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Broken washing machine and DIY parts Answered


Unfortunately our washing machine stopped working the other day… It’s a seven years old Upo TL1200D for those who cares. It’s quite small and old, so my wife and I have decided to buy a new one.

My question is, are there any valuable/notable parts I should disassemble for future DIY projects, before we throw it out?

I know I could always open it up my self and have a look (plan b).
Since our apartment is a bit space constrained, the idea of having lots of parts laying around is not so popular… :)

I have overlooked good quality parts in the past when I have throwned stuff away, and I thought maybe someone in here have any ideas of what to toss and what to keep?



8 years ago

That somewhat depends on what stopped working.

Motor, with drive belt and whatnot. High voltage (110V) relays and components from the control panel. The tub could make for an interesting planter, if you like post-apocalyptic :-)


Reply 8 years ago

Pretty much everything that didn't cause the machine to stop working.