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Brush Painting a bike Answered

I've found some glow in the dark paint, which I'm going to use to paint my bike frame. The problem is that its brush-on not spray paint. I really want a glow in the dark frame, and I can't find any glow in the dark spray paint. All the bike painting instructables use spray paint. Does anyone have some tips on how to do a good job with a brush?



9 years ago

Easy really. First make sure the paint is oil or lacquer based(no latex, it's not tough enough). Oil would be a bit easier for a beginner to work with. Go get some paint thinner, or if you can find it non-dyed kerosene(it's clear, the dyed kind is for on-road use, it's red).

Take the paint and mix with the thinner 3 to 1(3 parts paint to 1 part thinner)
Get a real brush(purdy or wooster) and a 1 or 2 in sponge brush and a 4 inch sponge roller and frame.

Use the brush to apply the paint. a few small runs are OK. Paint one section at a time then take the roller and roll everything you can and use the sponge brush to lightly brush out the areas the roller wont reach. If you get  a "ridge" or rough area where the brush and roller meet each other then take the roller again and smooth it out.

Repeat this procedure as many times as needed to get complete coverage.