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Bubbly spray paint? Answered

I was painting my Nerf gun using Rustoleum spray paint. All went well and I let it dry for a week (yes, it says 1 hour but I was too busy for a week). Then I decided to put a Matte Clear Coat from Rustoleum and the paint started bubbling up. The clear coat did not bubble but the other paints did! And what's weird is that it only bubbled in certain areas. What happened and what's the solution?



8 years ago

I dont know if this is the same thing,but ive done it before where i painted a plastic gun normal silver paint, and didnt like it. So i spray painted it black and it cracked and bubbled just like you said.

Just a tip, dont use spray paint and normal paint, even if one of them is dry.


Answer 8 years ago

Also, you really should have researched techniques first.