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Buddies, the social network in real life! Answered

Hi friends! :D
I'm starting a new project with a couple of friends: Buddies, a new idea of social network based on geolocalization.

I would be glad if you'll have a look to our web pages, I'm actually following the desing/GUI of the whole thing.
There's also a fill-up form in the landing page, so you can be contacted if you're interested in becoming a beta tester!

Thank you :)

Buddies landing page - click here!

Buddies Facebook page - click here!

Buddies Twitter page - click here!



5 years ago

I'm not a social media expert, but aren't the features listed on your landing page already available to users of Facebook & Twitter?

(I can't check FB, because they have locked me out of my account because they refuse to believe I am a real person, and I refuse to send them photos of my driver's licence and passport to provide that proof - they didn't need it to create the account, and they cannot demonstrate that my details, more than enough to steal my identity, will be secure.)