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Bug- I am treated like I am logged out on one of my instructables. Answered

On my OSSR ible, It says that I am logged out, and I need to login. However, once I leave the page, I am logged back in, and this problem doesnt seem to happen on other instructables.

I am running the latest version of firefox on windows vista, if that helps.




10 years ago

Same thing happened to me with my new knife I'ble and your profile (but it's fine now).


10 years ago

Hi, DJ. That smells very much like a stale cache or an inconsistent cookie. Would you be willing to (a) "Delete all private data" (including cache and all cookies), and (b) quit and restart Firefox, to see if the problem persists? If you've already done that, just let us know and edit the bug report text. It'll eliminate one possible cause and help Rachel chase the problem.