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Bug: Page not found error for community topics Answered

As the title states it seems to be impossible to load and topics here.....

It also seems the old log out to log in bug is active again.
Is it really that hard to provide a meaningful error message if the site kicked you out and you need to log in again?
Sorry but I fail to see the point of appearing to be loggen in while half of the page fails to work thinking I am not logged in.
Sure, loggin out, loggin in again and reloading the pages works - but am I the only one seeing this as annoying?

And when you just think you made it then you get an error the site is appearently not available.
Funny though that it is available for 99% of things, just not those you are currently working on ROFL


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

1 year ago

Posting seems to works again now - without another login.
Guess I managed to get going while there were server updates running :(