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Bug in Search Answered

1> Search for any keyword (should result in more than 3 page search result)
2> Click on page 3
3> Click on any of the search results on page 3.
4> click back on your browser, (expected : We should see the search results on page 3 ) but instead it goes to the 1st page .



8 years ago

I did a search, got lots of pages, click p3 (got p3), clicked "back", went back to p1, exactly as expected.

When you say "...instead it goes to the 1st page", do you mean "1st page of the search" (which is what you would expect), or "the first page of the website I opened" (which is what would happen if you accidentally clicked "back" too often).


Reply 7 years ago

Obviously what people expect differ here. I'm with Strydon on this one. I find it annoying that when I'm looking for something and I do a search and there are a number of pages of results, if the item is not on the first page (or nothing on the first page catches my eye) and I go in a page or two, then see something interesting, click on it then go back to continue the search, only to find I'm back at page one of the search results. Seems the search results are treated as one page, even if there are 100 pages of results. I'm used to search results being treated as individual pages and when I click on a result from say, page 10 of the results, when I'm done and click back, I'm taken back to page 10 of the results.
I guess it just works differently here and is not a big deal. You either have to check what page of results you are on so you can continue your search, or what I've gotten into the habit of, is to open the link to the instructable in a new tab and therefor keep your place in the search results.


Reply 7 years ago

Ah, I've misunderstood the original post, and missed a step out.

I agree, that is annoying, but I don't think it's a bug, as such. I think it's just the way the page was written.

Nostalgic Guy

7 years ago

I agree I don't use the search facility too often but when I have I am usually looking for ideas on a particular theme& expect to look through a good number of results.
I find it quite irritating that if I click on say the fifth result page 8 of the returned search results when I click "Back" it always returns me to Page 1 of the returned results, I for one have never found this on any other site & have often wondered if it's one of those bugs on the "To do" list.