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Bugfixes! Answered

I've just pushed up a bunch of bugfixes to the site.  The major problems that should now work properly are these:
  • Image notes were not saving properly under some circumstances.  I believe we found all the problem cases but please let us know if you are still unable to save image notes (create a forum topic in the bugs area, or email service@instructables.com)
  • Facebook users with names similar to existing users with a certain pattern of username, got 500 exceptions when trying to log in.
  • Per many requests, the "post to Facebook" checkbox for comments is now unchecked by default.
  • Users can no longer select their own answer as Best; unfortunately some users were posting nonsense questions and answers, just to bump up their Best Answer percentage.  We'll be going through and removing any remaining of these over time.
  • Some of the pages shown in the category drill-down stack were returning errors due to a badly formed URL, now fixed.
We've also been working heavily on our testing, automated and hand, to try and improve our recidivism rate on bugs.  (Or should I say reduce the rate of recidivism?  You know what I mean, though.)  I can't promise, of course, that we'll never again re-break anything that's already been fixed, but I do believe we'll do it a lot less going forward.