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Build Night with littleBits at the Taipei Hackerspace Answered

Hi everyone,

Just reporting from the Taipei Hackerspace regarding the littleBits build night last month.

It was a very popular event, a lot of people were brought in by littleBits. It was the first time I myself tried them, and it was amazing to see how many things people have built, from kids to grownups, everyone was hacking. Haven't really happened such thing many times before.

The event had a requirements that the resulting projects need to use the Arduino module. While it was awesome tool, most people were just doing analog electronics. Needed some time after the build night to hash out some projects that would be eligible for us to submit. Fortunately did come up with a few, and it was a lot of fun. In the process I think we have fried one Arduino module, but the rest of it is still being used every time we have visitors to the Hackerspace.

Here are our projects from the build night:

littleGoal: world cup notifier

littleTea: robotic tea brewing

littleWork: working hours notifier

Cheers, and thanks for this opportunity!


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