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Build Roof down the side of house Answered

hi all
i know very little about this type of stuff 
i was wondering what would be the best way to go and was unsure

what i want to do is down the side of my house inbetween the fence and gutter (approx 2m wide and 10m long) install a roof ( shed material? some sort of metal) that i could use to store stuff

how should i do this could i just screw it to the gutter or what?




7 years ago

The gutter is unlikely to hold more weight than rain water so you should not attach to the gutter.

First, are you going to be close to your side yard?  Do you need a permit from the city.  Do you need permission for the home owners assoc?  Will this need to be inspected?

I assume you want to go out away from the house about 6' and down the side approx. 30'.  This is not a difficult thing to plan.

You will need  posts at the low end to support a beam that will support rafters that will support sheathing that will support shingles.

Talk to the estimating department of your local large lumber yard.  They will be familiar with the building codes and can guide you on lumber sizes.

There is lots more to think about like slope so it don't leak so do lots more research to gather more info.

This youtube vid. describes very close to what you are planning.


7 years ago

What you might want to build is a lean to shed that attaches to your house and it is used to store yard tools.

garden lean to shed

Answer 7 years ago

+++ This is the best approach.

The extended section should be below any existing eaves or gutters.


7 years ago

You need to consider a few things (beyond your lack of knowledge in construction), such as building laws. As soon as you attach a structure to your home, you are required to pull building permits and need your structure inspected and approved. Granted, laws are different for each country, state/province and municipality, so PLEASE make the necessary enquiries before you proceed. Otherwise you may face fines, a "stop work order" and be forced to remove your structure. You also have to consider the liability you have as a homeowner. If your structure were to collapse (say in a wind storm), and it hurt someone, not only would you be responsible, your homeowners insurance may also disqualify you for damages. A shed on the other hand, usually falls under different rules, (as its a detached structure), but may still require a permit and inspections.

In any case, DO NOT build a roof merely from your eaves (gutter area) to your fence. Unless you live in a country that doesn't seem to care how you build, doing so in that manner is generally not safe and not allowed.

If you have any questions, let me know.