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Build a Catapult, Mario Wii, Make a Knife... Answered

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Mar. 13, 2008

Mouse Mouse is missing! While we were at SXSW someone walked off with our dear little mouse mouse from our display table. If you have any information, please let us know! No kidding, only one was made and we'd like to get him back.

OK, back to the regular Instructables news...

Today we are launching the Pocket-Sized speed contest. Make something cool that fits into a regular pocket, then enter it to win some sweet prizes!

This is the last weekend for the Toss It! paper airplane speed contest. Enter your favorite paper airplane design and win an Air Instructables Pilot's License.

The winners for the Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest have been announced. See the video that won the $350 yoyo!

Check out these cool instructables!

How to build your first robot
Use this walkthrough to make an autonomous, self-exploring, "own-mind" robot in a few hours!
posted byfritslonMar 12, 2007
How To Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs
A simple and quick recipe for great tasting scrambled eggs!
posted byBrennn10on Mar 9, 2008
Industrial Picture Frame
Make industrial-style metal picture frames without spending loads of cash.
posted bymadaon Mar 6, 2008
Super Mario Bros Inspired Wii with USB base
Decorate your Wii with some old-school graphics, and give it a couple of cool add-ons in the process.
posted byBeerBellyJoeon Mar 9, 2008
How To Build A Catapult
Launch stuff 100 yards with your very own siege weapon.
posted byT3h_MuffinatoronMar 12, 2008
How to pill a cat, the easy way.
When you need to give your cat some medicine you might need to be a little creative to get her to take it.
posted bysunitgiron Mar 7, 2008
How To Teach Your Dog Some Important Tricks (And Some Not So Important Ones)
Learn some basics of teaching your dog a couple new tricks.
posted byGjdj3onMar 10, 2008
How To Make an Applique!
Jazz up an old piece of clothing with a funky bit of fabric to give it a whole new life, and live in style!
posted bythreadbangeron Mar 6, 2008
The 10 Minute Laptop Stand
A quick trip to the hardware store + a little bit of work = your own laptop stand.
posted byjohnbotonMar 9, 2008
How to Build a Knife
Making a knife isn't easy, but this guide will get you started on the skills you'll need to make one yourself.
posted byBastaonFeb 26, 2008

AC White LED Circular Magnifier Work Lamp
Use bright LEDs to replace fluorescent circular light in magnifier work lamp.
Let there be light!
posted byarcticpenguinonMar 11, 2008

How to "Salt Out"
Salting out is a process that can be used to dehydrate Isopropyl alcohol, i.e., separate it from water in an azeotropic solution.
posted bythinkaheadonMar 3, 2008

Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric


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