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Build a small solar powered, battery operated LED bedside light? Answered

Firstly, I am a mom of boys, who want to build their own stuff. I am a nurse/midwife, so very knowledgable about many things. Electronics is not one of them! But I'm willing to learn and find help for them.

the store I will be using is www.rabtron.co.za as we are in South Africa. 

This is the light my son wants to use for this project. http://shop.rabtron.co.za/catalog/module-samsung-5630-chip-leds-plastic-white-p-6957.html
He will need about 4m of wiring to run it to the solar panel just outside his room. 
What would be the best components for him to use, - rechargeable battery, solar panel, switch, and any extras that I don't know that I need. 

Also, if he does not use solar power, what battery configuration would work best?

Thank you for taking the time to help us. We hope to be tackling many projects in the future. 



3 years ago

Something like this for the battery charging.
Battery big enough for a LED light.
You did not specify what solar panel is used or if anything else should run off the battery so I went for the smallest option assuming there is a suitable 12V panel outside.


Answer 3 years ago

thank you. He wants to use a mini-solar panel, a 100mA 6V 60x80mm. So something like garden lights would use. He wants to mount it on wood so that it is portable for camping and tree-house use too!

I'm assuming a 6V panel won't be enough for a 12'V battery. Do we use 2 then?


Answer 3 years ago

I wouldgo for a 12V panel with at least 500mA, otherwise you have problems on a cloudy day.
Keep in mind you need enough power to charge the battery back up from what was used.
A 6V and 100mA will only be good for some small garden light or if NiMh batteries are used maybe for a small light made with a hand ful of low power LED's.
And if you wan to use the solar power for anything more than just the LED light you already shot over the limit.
Once you got working solar power you want to power more ;)
But if you want to stay small then just take a normal garden light apart and extend the wires for the solar panel to place it outside.
You also get complete light kits, like gard shed lights with build in battery and remote solar panel.

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

If I was building a solar bedroom light I would start with a solar panel.

Place it outside in a good spot to get the most sunlight so you might need more wire than 4 meters of wire.

Rechargeable batteries with a manual switch and a solar switch so when the sun goes down the light comes on.

You might de interested in some of my Instructables and I can supply you with circuit disgins.