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Build me a halo costume?? will pay fair price Answered

HI i am looking for a realistic halo costume if someone can build it for me i would be happy. i don't have time to do it myself but i am willing to pay a fair price debating on how it looks. we can discuss prices and stuff like that. but i want a realistic one if at all possible and if you can help me out let me know. i would like it to be as realistic as the one in the picture and if you could make it black and yellow that would be awesome!! if anybody can help please let me know!!! :) thank you.


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6 years ago

It would help if you said roughly where you are in the world (you will need to meet the maker for measurements and fittins) and you really need to have a look at making one for yourself. Including a person's time, a "fair" price for a half-decent costume, you are looking at paying many, many hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros.