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Building A Table Answered

So I want to build me a table for my patio. I found one that I really like, but I have some questions about it. The table is in the pictures below. Its legs are made of hard-fired terra-cotta, its a chimney flue. I was wondering if the table top would be sturdy enough on it. Like if someone was leaning on one end of it would thje other end raise up. Does any one have any suggestion for a nice table similar to this one, or something else I could use for the legs?



9 years ago

Hi, great looking table! Kiteman has a very good ideal. If I were putting in in my back yard and want to dance on it. I'd determine the exact center and 3 foot off each end, assuming it's 8 foot long. Then dig a hole as big as a 5 gallon bucket plus 1 foot depth. weld 2 or 3 12 inch pieces of rebar on a 3/4 inch all thread, 4 foot long. Cut the end out of a 5 gallon bucket, spray or oil the inside, stick the all thread in, welded pieces on bottom, pour the bucket full of concrete. When it starts to harden, pull the bucket up to ground level, drill a hole in the concrete block. Then put on  the drain pipe. At the point where the all thread meets the bottom of the table, add an extra 2 x 6 then bolt it down with a nut and washer on bottom for elevation, and a double nut on top for security. cut the all thread off. 1 table top board will have to be gouged with a 1&1/2 inch bit, but no one will see it.  you can secure the heck out of it to the now almost immovable 2 x 6.  


10 years ago

You could use terracotta drain-pipes. Put bolts through the table-top into the pipes, fill the pipes with concrete, and it will be solid for years.


10 years ago

If you are building a similar butcherblock or laminated table top out of a nice wood, it should be pretty heavy when finished. You could "glue" it to the terracotta flues with some silicone caulk or adhesive. You could get complicated and make some mechanical fastening such as spring clips or tabs to clamp onto the flue. Or fill the flue with cement and place a threaded rod into it so you can bolt the top when it is finished. Good luck.