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Building Touch Sensors from Scratch? Answered

I am very familiar with velostat and conductive fabric and how to combine them to make textile touch sensors. I would now like to make a touch sensor that's more solid, and made from a firmer resistive substance than velostat. I've been looking up the resistivity/conductivity of different metals here: https://www.thoughtco.com/table-of-electrical-resi.... In theory, as long as one metal (or other material) is more conductive than the other, it should work the same?

I've read on silicon and carbon fiber, but I'm not sure if what I'm researching is the solid kind, or the flimsy/squishy/bendy kind.



2 years ago

This is one way to make tactile switches - card an aluminium foil.

Cut holes in one card, cover the face of the other 2 cards in foil (pritt sticks works well)

Make a sandwich, attach wires to the foil sides (use staples you can't solder aluminium) and when you press over a hole the foil touches to make a switch contact.

tactile switch.jpg