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Building a Platform Bed in an Apartment? Answered

I just moved to a new state/city after graduating college and moved out here with just what I could fit in my car.
So i had to buy a few essentials after I got out here mostly a bed, but I didnt want to spend a ton of money  so I just bought a mattress

I saw some posts about building a platform bed but I still have some problems doing this

I need to be able to build it in my apartment, which has plenty of room because I have no furnitire
And I also need to be able to transport it in my car.
I can transport long boards by putting down the back seats and opening up the trunk but I wont be able to transport much else.

Any ideas???


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7 years ago

I've always had a lofty idea for a milk crate platform bed. I don't have any plans to offer but I have had great luck stacking, screwing, and even using ABS glue to put them together. Also once stacked, holes can be cut in the sides for access for storage use.


9 years ago

You can cobble anything from 1x3 strips of lumber which can be purchased in 4 or 6 ft lengths. Go for a little better grade than the furring strips. If you get a pocket hole jig (kreg pocket rocket jig if you don't want to get the standard setup) it lets you assemble anything with just a cordless drill(you get the special drill bit and a square head driver bit is required for the pan head pocket hole screws) Go look through IKEA futon bed designs and you can replicate something to fit your matress. You do not need full sheets of plywood when you can form the platform with closely placed slats. If you need a shelf or to cover the headboard - just screw on some masonite or hardboard panels (they come in 2ft x 4 ft sheets) over your pockethole framework. You can then paint for a nice look. Good luck.