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Building a Transparent Dispay Monitor Answered

I'm currently in the process of building a peppers ghost inspired computer monitor. I will be going through this DIY step by step and updating each time I progress. During this build I will be taking peoples suggestions from each previous step and applying it to the build. So this will be built by my and inspired by the community.

First issue:

I am using Lexan as the display and as you can see in the picture, I have already stumbled upon my first issue. Everything is backwards! So, first round of suggestions will be how to fix this.


Windows OS has built in capabilities to do screen ROTATIONS but not FLIP/MIRROR. I cannot stress enough how many people assume rotating, flipping, and mirroring are the same thing. In Microsoft's built in display panel they list: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape(Flipped), Portrait(Flipped). However the two flipped settings are merely rotations.



4 years ago

If you use a Nvidia graphics card NVkeystone might do the trick.

It is intended to correct the image for low end projectors and should have a heads up display function as well.

With this you can also place your "screen" at an angle and correct the distortion as currently seen in your picture.


4 years ago

is this for day to day comp usage- like a heads up display?

or for producing a vid?

If the former, the layers of a flatscreen can be separated, removing the backlight from the sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque front layer. (i'm not sure this is true of _all_flatscreens_)

If the latter, you could superimpose 1 image over another in editing. mirroring is also an option in some vid editing software.


Reply 4 years ago

It is going to be for every day use. I was going for a heads up display type thing. Just something cool.


4 years ago

maybe you need another mirror to create a periscope like setup so the lex an shows a real mirrored reflection the the computer display. If you plan on running some animation maybe mirror it with video software. Good luck.