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Building a car sound system? Answered

i recently got my car and want to boost the sound system by upgrading some speakers and putting an amplifier, i have

2X 30W 4OHMS
1X 350W MAX, 80W nom.  4OHMS
My car has a pioneer mp3/cd player  with 4 channels(4x 45W rms)

I want to bridge an amplifier to connect the 350W speaker for the rear only and use 2 channels for  the 2 front speakers.

my idea is using two channels of the car player for the front.

i will have 2 channels free [(left and right)rear]
i would connect it to the amplifier, then bridge the amp to connect the speaker.

can anyone suggest me a cheap amp to buy and tell me if my idea is correct???


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8 years ago

The sub will be good for oomph but terrible for fidelity; you'll want to consider running 2 rear speakers, 4 round, 4x6 or 6x9's to give clarity. Your deck should be suitable to run those 4 @ less than 45w.

Get a suitable amp for the 80w sub and throw that in the trunk.

does the player not have sub outputs? (looks like a stereo RCA jack)

You very much could run the large speaker bridge but you'll lose a lot of quality.