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Building a controller Possible for Retro Consoles? Answered

I'm trying to figure this out if it even possible to build a custom controller and use the Console's pinout like the Sega Master System's to be read on the Sega Gens as a Master System Controller and can it be done if I got myself a prototype board and make it myself?

here's a broken USB NES Controller I'm gonna turn into a SMS Controller - so is this possible to make my own using tactile buttons for 1 and 2 plus other buttons for the D-pad then hook them up VIA the SEGA Master System's Pinout to read to the Sega Gens?



2 years ago

I am sure if you look well enough online you will find the pinouts, electronics and possible mods for these old controllers.
As long as the original had no microcontroller build in you can make your own with no real dramas...


Reply 2 years ago

I've found a photo of the SMS Controller and there was never a Mircocontroller just two Pcbs wired together and I've gotten the SMS Pinout from OLd-computers site and saved the image.

The only issue is wiring the tactile buttons in form of a master System like controller! I'm basically reusing the buttons on this broken USB NES Controller and make it to press these buttons and I have 12 mm version of the buttons which is too large to work.