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Building a lean to roof. Between house and fence Answered

im needing to build a lean to roof of of the side of my house out towards my colourbond fence. My question is does anyone happen to know what the legal required minimum distance is ment to be between the gutter and fence. If someone can help me with that I'd be truly greatful. 
I know there is one I just can't for the life of me remember it. 



4 years ago

No minimum distance to fence but 5m to next building.

At least that's here in my village. Next community may have different rules, next state, country as well.

When asking such a question, you should tell us where you live.

And do you really invest money based on information by random people from the internet? That's what your municipality is to be asked for.


4 years ago

Best to ask at your local council about building rights and permits.

You might even need some paperwork from an architect.