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Building boxes to fit existing doors Answered

I have about five Tasmanian Oak cupboard doors and they are an odd size (W:490cm x H:575cm). I want to use some of them on low-hung overhead cupboards in the kitchen. They have a board insert with a plan board on top and sides. They would look good, I think, just lightly stained and sealed or painted white in the farmhouse style. Problem is, because they are not a standard size and I cannot by stock cupboards to fit.

I thought I could buy mdf or pine boxes to attach them to but the odd size makes this difficult too. So then I thought - I will have to build them myself. As I am a total novice, does anyone know how I can do this, tactically and in the most economic way? Thank you in advance ...



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Thank you Seamster. Great workshop cabinets! and your hinges have given me ideas.


1 year ago

It is not really hard to make a wooden box, see the examples by Seamster.
What might be difficult is attaching the hinges for the doors.
If you already have the mounting holes for them in your doors and still have the old hinges then use them!
A little hint for the measurements:
The width of the cabinet goes the same way as the height, measured on the outside:
Width and height of the door(s) should be the same as the outside dimensions of your box.
This means for example the horizontal parts like top and bottom need to be that long MINUS the thickness of the wood you use - the added sidewalls will make the final match.
It makes sense to have the sidewalls comlete from top to bottom with the rest added inside.
This way you get better structural support and a cleaner finnish.


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Thank you Downunder35m. That sounds logical. The doors are part of a batch of about 50 doors of all shapes, sizes and material that my husband bought at auction. I'll have to fit the hinges myself.