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Building custom tiny stereo to output sound from two different sources Answered

Hello there, I'd want to build a tiny custom stereo, small enough to be mounted on a forearm. It has to receive input from two different sources: my smartphone (should act as a simple mp3 player) and a head mounted microphone. As I'm not into electronics really, I would use some help. I've read this instructable as reference: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Stereo-Amplifier/
I'm not pretty sure about what kind of speakers I should use and what exact components I should need.
I'd want to use two speakers and I don't really care about stereo sound, actually I would prefer mono sound. Maybe I could use one speaker for the phone output and the other one for the microphone output. I'd also like to put the amplifier distant from the speakers, since the forearm mount should be as slim as possible, so I'd put it in the back trousers pocket, if I manage to make it small enough.
As you see I'm kind of confused, I have ideas, but not knowledge. Have you got any guide or whatever I could use? Thank you for your help!


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6 years ago

Start simple. Get a set of battery powered speakers. Preferably one that is already capable of connecting with your phone. Now you can tear that apart and you'll see the amp and batteries are fairly small and should be able to be made arm mounted. You don't have to use the speakers that came with it. You can always add your own as long as they can handle the max output of the amp and are the same impedance (Ohms rating on the speaker) of the original speakers.