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Building: wireless monitor/tablet recycling old laptop parts Answered

Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.

Building wireless touchscreen ar1100 to bluetooth transmitte by Fearlessleader on Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:04 am Hi I have 15.4 samsung laptop screen I am converting to 4 wire touch overlay and want to us the ar1100 but need to go from the usb out bluetooth wireless mouse transmitter.

I would need the same type of transmitter like any bluetooth mouse would have inside.

The mini pc I am building has both bluetooth and wireless display.

Parts list so far

15.4 samsung screen pulled from a Dell laptop modle LTN154W1-L01

Control board for the screen with hdmi ebay 30$ link https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-DVI-VGA-LCD-Lvds-Con..

12v 3 amp power supply for the screen controler I already have but later I would build voltage control unit that would charge or power the whole unit. Again YouTube has videos and links for the part for this. And I really don't want to have a bunch a supplies to run it. While prototype it I will the final will run from the laptop I got the screen from. It should plenty of power for a single board computer like the new pi 3 to be added and the audio amp

15.4 4 wire overlay conversion many sorce's about 50$ link https://www.ebay.com/itm/15-4inch-4-Wire-Film-to-F...

$Ar1100 touch to usb mouse adafuit 10$

link https://www.adafruit.com/product/1580

Hdmi wireless receiver. 20 to 40$ depending on features like if it has chromecasting and such

I just need video so I think the 20$ unit will do nice. These can be found in many places, so I would think this to be open end item depending on features the builder wants. I would buy the best you can afford to leave it fexible .

The last thing I need to make work would be usb transmitter to make the ar1100 bluetooth or matched pair of 2.4 dongles usb this is the only item missing. I could test the whole set up but would have run 1 usb cable, but that's a deal breaker for full wireless.

.. If I had a old bluetooth mouse and knew how take its transmitter out, that work but a bluetooth usb adapter the would plug in the ar1100 board would be the thing I need.

If someone would know how to remove the mouse transmitter and wire it to male usb plug I would be happy to buy it. I real want this to made from as much recycled parts as possible.

I just don't want to have run a usb cable from ar1100 to the pc.

I don't think the same usb dongle that's used to the pc is the same as the one used in every bluetooth mouse or keyboard. That's my idea for a wireless touchscreen handheld

All the parts are easy to get I just need make the ar1100 usb board and wireless usb transmitter.

The pc would use GA-h77n-wifi mini itx as it has both bluetooth & wireless display and wifi.

Part 2

The idea sound lol!

I want to build a frame for the screen with speakers and laptop battery and used the power supply from the Dell laptop I got the screen from, that would need a small amp. Since the receiver is hdmi, I would think the audio would be there if not that would be simple to just use a bluetooth stereo headphones and run the earphone wires to the small audio amp.

I would like any comments on this idea and a sorce the one part that missing the usb mouse transmitter for the ar1100 and this could be built.

So What do you folks think? A portable monitor 100% wireless that could even double as touchscreen remote! I even thought down the road to add the new pi 3 to it as that would completely independent as low power tablet or connect to the pc that nvidia gpu and could stream pc games to My Nvidia shield too. With all the power of I7 2700k oc to 4.2ghz.The possibilities here are endless you and all kinds a features adding a mic and Webcam for video calls with sckype or google voice and messenger and bingo u have a voice and video over IPThis do able you think?All comments good or bad give to me straight.Oh but go easy on the grammar thing. I technology geek but a 56 year old high school drop out. But hay at 37 I was disabled with fractured spine by time I was 40 I did all computers repairs for my local high school and was building white box computers out of my home office. If there is 1 thing I have learned in this life anything is possible but you have to try!

Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.


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2 years ago

yes buy much more it touchscreen that will connect via wireless display for video. The motherboard supports WIDI. And WIFI and bluetooth each will be used to build a wireless touchscreen screed display. Now the main server using a ga-h77n-wifi. I will use a common hdmi receiver that will plug into the controler board from 15.4 lcd so at that point it's wireless display.. the controller board for the lcd has all the inputs like hdmi dvi vga and all the normal monitor control buttons.

And monitor an monitor can be wad to receive video wirelessly with about a number of devices that includes things chromecasting and a few others and they make them for hdmi and other input types as well but in this case I will use the hdmi to monitor. Its a receiver for WIDI the video version of wifi and the. Mother board that am using have the widi. Option plus wifi and bluetooth


I will add 15.4 touchscreen overlay 4 wire conversion but now in need to get the 4 wire output connection to main servrer. Now as in My part list I found a 4 wire to usb touchscreen board that will server 2 things it will calibrate the touchscreen and supply a usb port ar1100 in the parts list. This make the signal for the overlay into what looks like a mouse to the pc and need no special drivers. Now they. Made the little board to connect the touchscreen overlays 4 wire output so you connect it to the computer via a usb cable. This is where I am having a problem. I need to take usb mouse out put and make wireless via bluetooth or 2.4mhz radio signal but the 2.4 would need both a transmitter dogleg and receiver dongle when you buy a 2,4 wireless mini keyboard when it's 2.4 they give a dongle to plug into the device that is matched to the device it cam with but bluetooth most time.uses the inturnal bluetooth of the pc or android device and you have to pair them, Now every wireless. Mouse uses one or the other the Mathe 2.4 dongle or has the bluetooth transmitter build in to the mouse. I need that type mouse trasmitter to plug into the usb port of ar1100 screen overlay to get that mouse signal to the main pc so I don't have use a usb cable.

So on short

First I add the hdmi wireless receiver to 15.4 lcd controler

Next I need to get the 15,4 touch overlays signal there too

At that point I have wireless touchscreen monitor.

So is it remote control?

No not in that sense it's wireless monitor. With a touchscreen.

A monitor 15.4 that is wireless and touch would cost 400 500$ I see 7 inch touchscreen with no wireless sell 100$ and up..

Now once I find the. Last part I need to get that usb output that is the same as the output of and mouse to transmitter I have the first part of this done. I have now made a wireless monitor with touch.

This will be done in parts

Like said in parts list

15.4 lcd free

Controler board for the lcd. The part that gives you the inputs and screen controls.

Right we have just a plain monitor

Next we have add the touch part

That's done with an 15.4 overlay kit that has a 4 wire output.

That has to be connected to the 4 wire to usb ar1100. That sets up how the touchscreen reacts thus widows software but once the ar1100 get set it can be used on any os as that little board make the 4 wire out from the overlay into and simple mouse signal format that now needs to get to the pc.

3 ways we can do this, usb cable but that kills the whole wireless deal, next would be pair of matched 2.4 mhz radio dongles, and the best way it a single bluetooth transmitter that can pair with the main pc I have that already has bluetooth 4.0

I find option 2 or 3 being the best for me and we have just made a 15.4 inch wireless monitor.

That would complete the first step of this project. After that we can do much more depending on what you want from this device.

Also keep in mind that any or almost and lcd screen could be used it could be a 21 inch if you wanted or even a full 50 inch lcd the process would be the same just overly would cost more and the cost of the lcd controler would very depending on what Donner screen you use.

If I could get all the sorce's set up I make this into kit so you could make a wireless monitor out of anyour old display that died and the screen itself was. Good most times it dead power supply or some other components and the screen is fine. I bet on any good trash day you could find someone throwing out old lcd monitor as long as it's not busted it is possible donor for this project.

So for this first part

We have a cost of

30 $ lcd controler plus 12v 3 amp power supply 10$

the they are cheap and maybe have some dead device that has one that how I got mine. I always save those plugins type powe supplys. Most are 5v or 12 volt it just finding one 3 amps or more later I will working adding a laptop battery and power supply they have much higher amps and. Can power the whole project

10$ ar1100 us to 4 wire adapter

Usb mouse transmitter? Maybe someone could write how to get one and wire it from a old 2.4 wireless mouse or how from bluetooth mouse. Or better yet we find a usb dongle that plugs right into the ar1100.

The cool part about this is you would. Not even have to be soldering anything all this stuff plugs in to each other.

Once this done we can add sound to monitor wireless bluetooth.

We can add I RI pi 3 the new version they only cost 30$ that can make it so we can add on storage with anything from sd cards to 2.5 inch laptop drive usb stiicks.

The possibilities are endless.

But first we need step one and that 1 part away that dang usb mouse dongle.

Also once you get all the things you want into this creation then you will need to frame up the screen and make the mounting. So when you remove the screen try to save it frame you may be able to use it or parts of it

Rome was not built in day and to get started on this kit now its

50 overlay

30 controler

10 usb to 4 wire ar1100

Use mouse transmitter dongle ? For test just usb cable

Power supply 10$ if can't find one around the. House

I seen the wireless video part that plugs into the monitor 20$ up to 50$ but I seen a few nice ones that even have chromecasting. So you so don't have wireless video, cast it or buy a wireless part that goes to the pc or whatever device you want as sorce for video.

The min itx board I'm am using is already 2nd and 3rd Gen intel cpu i7 i5 i3. I am sure there are many more fore the newer chips. A search on ebay and you find something I seen a guy selling a whole Pc with the same board I am using with i3 cpu and 8 gb ram and 750gb hard drive case and all 139. Buy it one 189

Remember it's project and the goal is to have fun and make something cool and useful and base parts can be upgraded as you find them or the cash lol


2 years ago

I'm having a hard time visualizing what you are trying to build. Is this a touch screen that functions as a remote?