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Building/Modding a Mac/PC laptop? Answered

Sorry about the twofer guys, but you'll understand in a moment why I ask. Firstly, does anyone know anything about ibook g4's? The reason I ask is this: I want to rip the guts out of one that I got for free and try to put a x86 system in there. Why? Because the power PC version of Linux doesn't have flash support. My main question on this topic would be: The video output for the LCD, would it match and x86 video hardware or mobo? (I have no experience with Macs, I have built 3 PCs) My second question would be: Barring being able to do that would anyone be able to reccomend hardware for building my own laptop. It's been very difficult for me to find a non proprietary laptop case.Any thoughts? I just want a system able to run Linux (preferably ubuntu) and run Flash 10...Thanks in advance. And I was trying to sign up for an account on instuctables, but I keep getting redirected to the main page....funny.



9 years ago

well, if you dont mind a big laptop, find a old mac powerbook 190, or some other huge 1990s laptop, i dont think a x86 should have too hard of a time fitting in there. as for the screen, if you cant get a output converter, they make thin usb (5 volt) powered lcds that you could easily squeeze in there.

M. Gyver

10 years ago

As far as I know, ALL laptop cases are proprietary. The small size and need to fit everything together mandates it. There are 'white-box' laptops, but they're still cases with the mainboard built to match. All you can add is the CPU, RAM. etc. I'm typing this on a laptop I 'built' but all I did was install a few components. Swapping mainboards between pc laptop models is an extremely unlikely scenario, nevermind that you want to go from mac to pc.