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Burning dummies for New Year in La Plata, Argentina. Answered


There you can see the dummies made in La Plata, BsAs Argentina big area, during December 2013 to throw out the year.

The dummies are full of fireworks, and went lit on at 1 or 2 am on the first day of January. Here is midsummer, with great heat.

Burning New Year dolls is a tradition that has decades in the city. Almost every neighborhood makes its dummy, some very good, some acceptable, others ugly, but the task helps the boys (and many adults) to experience the problems of organization, design, implementation, coexistence, getting resources, etc. This country and its people deserve a better government that it has today.

Another years: https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=mu%C3%B1ecos+de+fin+de+a%C3%B1o+la+plata&tbm=isch&tbs=qdr:w&cad=h


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