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Button Activated MP3 Player Answered

I need to buy or build a device to play a single song in MP3 format on the push of a button, similar to one of those used in stuffed animals or greeting cards. I need to be able to hook it up to a small external speaker to make it a little louder. I a building a Nickelodeon Guts trophy for a friend of mine and would like to put this device in the base with a button on the top or front to play the theme song. Any ideas how I can go about buying or building something like this? I'm on a shoestring budget here, and not terribly handy with electronics, so I really need some advice.



8 years ago

If you dont need super sound quality you could use the electronic from a gadget like this like I did with my spooky toilet. This would be the cheapest way. 

Another way , but a little bit of tech overkill is an arduino with a waveshield.

You can also get an mp3 module like this and connect it to your circuit.