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Buy / build a headphone and microphone single jack headset? Answered

Update: Is this my answer;  Buy this four pin splitter, and rig a set of headphones and say this mic to it?

Hi all,

I've bought this bluetooth communications headset for my motobike helmet and the audio is woeful.

It's cheap so that's to be expected. It includes this microphone and headphone (headpone? :/ ) headset for music and comms with another bike / pillion.

It is threaded inside the helmet and plugs into the bluetooth unit. The unit uses bluetooth to connect to an audio device (my phone) and another bluetooth unit, switching pretty nicely between audio and intercom speech. 

The headset jack has four pins and functions fine, albeit with very bad headphone quality.

So I'd love to replace it with a better but still cheap set. 

These yellow headphones (which you'll note my dog was kind enough to modify for me) work wonderfully when I plug it into the bluetooth unit. It has a jack with  three pins.

But it lacks a microphone. There are more headsets like it at the local shop for about $10 that play music at a surprisingly good quality.

Can I make that yellow headset work with the bluetooth unit by adding a microphone? I'd need to strip the speakers out so I can wire it up inside my helmet and add a mic, by wither buying one or stripping it from the headset.

I tested my old iPhone headphone set (four pins and an in-line mic) with the bluetooth unit but it played only from one channel (left or right only) and the mic didn't work.

This four pin splitter with an in-line mic is available at a local shop but I'm skeptical if it will work since the iPhone set failed. I would be great if there was one which does.

I do have a soldering iron and a multimetre but I haven't used it yet and am a noob at electronics. I'd rather buy a splitter if that's an option, but I will do whatever I need to in order to get this working nicely, including cutting off the old speakers and soldering new ones on.

Here's a (lame) photo of the iphone, headphone and stock headset jacks.

Thanks for the help!



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7 years ago

The iPhone ear buds uses the same connector but interfaces the mic to the system differently than your com set. Open the stock set up and verify what wires go where on the jack. Then you can wire any mic you want into the mic connection of the jack.

Yes that adapter you linked too would work for plugging a basic mic and headset together.