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Buzzer for Gyser with 10 min timer Answered

Hi Team,
I want to make a 220v buzzer with timer 10 min.
My thought is to control my electricity bill by reducing  gyser usage.
This buzzer will help me remind me that gyser is on for 10 min so that I can switch it off to save power.

I know it is seemed to very easy for pro guys but very difficult for me.
Please help me understand and make such buzzer with minimal budget.

I need help to make this project.
Kindly let me know how can I do it.



4 years ago

Hi Team,

Apology for creating misunderstanding here. We need hot water only for 1 hr in a day. we do not need constant hot water throughout the day.

My heater is 2000W which is the reason for 40% of my electricity bill.

If my heater runs 15 minutes in a day, it'll sufficient to my usage.

But unfortunately as human we have tendency to forget the things to switch of untill we have some alarm mechanism.

This the reason I would like create 15 min alarm for heater so that once it starts buzzing I can switch off heater.

My Home voltage is 220V.

Please help me out to create such alarm it might help me in other electronic equip as well.




4 years ago

Ok when you say gyser everyone thinks about a vent in Earth's surface that periodically ejects a column of hot water and steam.But i suspect your talking about a hot water heater. Shutting off the hot water heater isn't going to help your electric bill. It's cheaper to maintain the heat then it is to allow the water to cool then try to bring it back up to temperature. If you want to save money there then get a more efficient option, insulate all pipes, and/or reduce the max temperature of the water and deal with cooler hot water.