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Bypass PC Speaker remote? Answered

I have a 5.1 speaker system that has been laying around for ages because the remote stopped working and that is the only way to switch on the amp. When its plugged in, it stays on standby until the power button on the remote is pressed. The remote also had volume up and down. Now unfortunately the remote is also gone and I would like to know how its possible to make the amp stay on permanently so that it will be on as soon as it is plugged in.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Well, I think the easiest way to turn on, and also adjust the volume of, your amplifier, is to use the remote that came with it, or to find some thing that can emulate that remote.

One possibility is a universal remote.

Another might be a smartphone, with a so called "IR blaster" hardware.

To discover if your phone has this IR blaster thing, built in, read the documents that came with the phone, or check this list:


In addition, I am guessing your phone needs some kind of application, for to allow you to command the IR blaster, and make it transmit and stuff.

For either of these two routes, universal remote, or smart phone running universal-remote-app, I think you need some kind of magic number (which is a 3 or 4 digit decimal number for some reason)which corresponds to your device; i.e. what model? what manufacturer?

I found a list of these numbers for "stereo audio receivers" here,


and I am naively guessing that, "stereo audio receiver", is what your thing is.

Another possibility, and this is maybe kind of a long shot. However, I'll mention it anyway, for the sake of completeness. Since you said your thing was old, "been laying around for ages", your old thing, or just the remote for it, *might* be available on the used market, i.e. eBay, for cheaper than what it would cost to buy a universal remote, or universal-remote-ap for a smart phone, with IR blaster, that you already have.


3 years ago

This may depend on your electrical skills.

If they are not up to tracing the circuit you may be better off buying a unniversal remote which should work with the amp as before.