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Bypassing touch sensor on led puck light Answered

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on a current project. I bought a small Led puck light. The light has a very sensitive touch sensor on it, so much so you only have to hover near it to activate/deactivate the light. I need to bypass this, end goal being I want a SPST style on/off instead. I have never seen or modified a touch sensor before, so looking for anyone that had done this for any reason. The light is DC powered, 4.5V.



1 year ago

Sort of look like the 6 pin U2 could be the Latch IC.

I would try to see if any two pins on U2 are shorted with a jumper wire until the LED stays on.

A better pic and I could remove U2 and tell where to wire a jumper.

Make the pins short permanent.

Then add a slide switch between the + and the battery.


Answer 1 year ago

That is the best I could trace with the photo as it is sorry..


Answer 1 year ago

I appreciate the feedback. I haven't had a chance to try this yet but it's doing the lines of what I was thinking, just without any certainty. I'll post the results once I have them.

Thanks again.