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CAD CAM Instructables Answered

Hi everyone
Just wanted to get some thoughts about instructables using computer aided drawing, computer aided machining.
I want to do a series on using CAD to make projects but I find it difficult to make a heap of screen shots and instructions into something that is interesting or "Instructable worthy"  (read BORING) . I know videos are good but in many schools videos are blocked and band width problems can make videos a pain in this part of the world.
Also unless you have the same software that I'm using the instructable will be of little use to you. So I was thinking I would use free software and have links to download it.
Also the instuctables would be about making a real project ,rather than just a tutorial on how to use the software.
I personally get a little annoyed with an instructable that is....
step one download stl file
step two send to 3d printer
step  three  your done

So is there anything else that would make a CAD CAM Instructable something you would want to read?


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8 years ago

I'd like to see the design process - the failures, the re-tries, the inspired redesigns.