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CCFL tubes...what is the range of power they operate in ? Answered

I see write-ups aplenty of how to fix screen backlights and re-using CCFLs from scanners and such, and ALL say 'beware high voltage !'.
NONE, however, specify what those voltages/currents/frequencies may actually BE ???!

Several times I have been offered LCD monitors with obvious backlight problems and have only gotten one to work by replacing bad caps.

This all makes me wonder - could it be that the ballast from a dead, smallish CFL might power a CCFL quite nicely - does anyone know ?!

Thanks for any replies !

PS: Please, no lectures about the dangers of high voltages and so forth, this question is being asked by an adult who is safety conscious.



8 years ago

A LCD display product that I worked on at my job used CCFL backlighting. The voltage used in that application was between 600 and 700 volts.

The Ideanator

8 years ago

Funny you ask this now, I was just researching CCFL stuff.I was over on Alltronics and the power supply for their 12" tubes says it outputs 180-800v and the tubes say 180-1000v. I'm sure that isn't much different from most CCFL tubes in the market. Another ballast they carry says it takes 1.45A @ 120vac and outputs 775v. YMMV

steveastroukThe Ideanator

Answer 8 years ago

+1. Very low current of course, but you'll still jump fairly high if you lick the wires....