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CD/DVD Rom motors. Answered

There are three motors in a CD or DVD Rom unit. Does anyone know the operating voltage of each motor? Thanks


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Best Answer 10 years ago

The most useful one is the one at the front with the small pulley which opens and closes the tray.  This is a normal 12V motor but will usually run down to 3V or so.

There is a 4 pole stepper motor which drives the head-carriage screw and this is 12V, but needs overlapping pulsed waveforms to each pin to drive it - Google for 'stepper motor'  These would be really useful, but you'll find it needs pressure on the shaft to work and it will not turn smoothly once it's removed from the bracket it's in.

The main CD drive motor is again a stepper but the drive requirements are more complicated.  It probably needs the on-board circuitry to synchronize the pulses.


9 years ago

The voltage of motor that run the CD/DVD is 5V/12V. This motor usually have only 3 pin! The pin are the more larger track on the board. 1 common pin and 2 control pins.