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CD's for power? Answered

I was cleaning my room and found a load of blank CD's. It made me think of all the AOL discs that my house used to get. So I got to thinking - There's a lot of power wasted on these things, right?

So, my job for you, Instructables users, is to help me engineer a way to use these CD's to generate solar, wind, tidal, geothermal energy, whatever. Anything renewable.

Any ideas?



9 years ago

You can use the CD's to concentrate solar energy to a flat plate collector or at a "power tower." I doubt that you'll be able to make anything photovoltaic from just CD's.


9 years ago

There are two immediately evident ideas-

1) use the CDs to build some sort of turbine, perhaps a Tesla turbine or as the discs for a Savonius VAWT, which can capture the power of flowing water or wind
2) arrange the CDs into a parabolic mirror to concentrate sunlight onto a collector of some sort.  That could be a simple tube collector heating water or a photovoltaic panel rated for that much light.

Geothermal could be difficult, tidal is a bit ambitious but hydroelectric and solar are doable.