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This could become an instructable, but these days, juggling photo files from cell phone to email to comp to ibles is so dang cumbersome..

   anyway, this is how i fixed ceiling fan.
fan has a rubber plate between motor and blades. apparently a bit of wiggle room for blades is a desirable thing. but that rubber plate was cracking. the fan blades had begun to hang low and drag against the light fixture below em. so i removed the lights that hang below fan. removed all 5blades,  blasted dust off rubber plate with compressed air, and used used gel superglue from loctite brand to glue cracks in rubber plate. i specifically got glue in a tube, not a bottle, since ihad to apply it upwards.  i never removed fan motor from ceiling, so, the work was overhead. the glue says its good for rubber, and so far, it has held up. the fan is reassembled, and working again.



5 years ago

Why don't you plug the phone into your PC via usb and transfer the photos over that way.


Reply 5 years ago

I'm not sure if that's possible on my somewhat antiquated phone. Guess I assumed it was not. Another cumbersome bit on this phone is having to scroll thru 100 pics to get to number 300, transfering number 300, then having to scroll thru 101 pics to get to # 299... :P