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CHALLENGE! Make this mattress!? Answered

The "Love Mattress"

I have seen this thing on the internet for years, and somehow or another, it's been in the prototype phase for years, and I still don't see it on the market.  It was designed by an Iranian designer named Mehdi Mojtabavi, who apparently is in no hurry to sell the darn thing.


So here is the challenge, if anyone is man (or woman) enough to accept...

Make one!
If my girlfriend doesn't get one soon, she might throw a Veruca Salt temper tantrum (I WANT IT NOW!)



7 years ago

Hi, here I am! Mehdi Mojtabavi! Sorry for long long delay, and thanks for your interest. Yes, this design was done in 2007 and one year later I moved to the US and have been busy since then working in US design industry! How ever the time has come and be ready to see the Love Mattress in the market soon.
I'll keep you updated!


Answer 6 years ago

Hello, I hadn't seen your design until today. It took a bit of research to find out anything past the fact that you created it. I'm fascinated by how creative and useful it seems to be. I'm really happy to see you made a post here. Can you tell us more about the possibility of your Love Mattresses being produced and available for purchase here in the US?


7 years ago

The foam has to be vertically sturdy, but horizontally flexible... the vertical lines across the peices that acheive this are a material mystery to me.

As far as covering goes, I can only imagine using an oversized fittted sheet. I wouldn't imagine using it as a "everyday" mattress, but something you could roll up and roll out for lazy afternoons or movie night etc.

I assume it hasn't been mass produced because of intellectual property rights? The designer isn't U.S., and I'm not familiar with Iranian-international patent laws.

The "point" is being able to enjoy a good spoonin' without wanting to gnaw your arm off after she falls asleep on you for an hour or two!


7 years ago

It is gonna be hell to keep clean.



7 years ago

If the design has been around for years and no one has chosen to develop it, there's probably a good reason.


7 years ago

Can't see the point myself.


7 years ago

Looks easy enough to make one, if you can source the foam. What's the problem ?