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CHUCK help please. Answered

CHUCK help please.

Im searching for a chuck replacement for a 1944 Delta drill press. It has a Jaobs Supreme 5/8". Arbor is MT2 shank with JT3 small end. The supreme has teeth missing on the gear, the key holes are egged out and it will not open or close smoothly. Can't afford a new Jacobs so I'm looking for an Taiwan import or any ideas you may have.




13 days ago

Pretty much a standard size I would say, should not be too hard to find a replacement.
On my vintage drill press the chuck is actually screwed onto the arbor.
Open the chuck fully and take a sneak peek inside.
If you see a phillips head or hex (allen key) then you only need an impact driver to get it loose.
I replaced my chuck with a keyless one...