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I am currently taking my DT A-level and as part of our final project we have been instructed to find a client with a product in need to be manufacture and designed and to do this for them, with them in the end being able to keep the final designed product, however they would need to fund the project. So I am looking into finding a client with a unique project, that uses multiple materials and processes for me to design and make for them, that would be willing to give me regularly updates and feedback into their views on the project so the final product will be what they wanted. If you believe this to be you please contact me and we can discuss it further! 


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3 years ago

You might find it easier looking closer to home - most people reading this have never heard of DT or A-levels.

> Talk to your local hospital - is there a patient that that needs some special device to cope with their unique needs?

> Talk to local businesses, large & small, ask if they need a new product prototyping. Or do they have a task that they are currently doing with a bodge-job of duct tape and string, but really need a proper thing?

(When you start your actual project, don't forget to take lots of photos of your work and turn it into an Instructable as well as writing your official notes - being able to send people a link to your work in public view works great as a portfolio. If you need other help, PM me. I'm in the UK, occasionally teach RM to GCSE, and my son is starting his PD & RM A-levels in September.)