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CNC Homing Answered


I work on CNC Alamode project, raspberry pi and Alamode is configured to control 3 stepper motors: My configuration: Raspberry Pi Alamode (Arduino compatible), 3 stepper motors and 3 EasyDriver.

Everything works, grbl is ok.

Here is my story:

I wanted to install a homing system, I first started with the x axis, as in the drawing, it worked well, it has stopped the motor, but I realized that the current 5v  passed directly on Limit X (D9), without 330 Ohm resistance.

Then I put this resistor like a drawing but now the homing no longer works.

My question is: Have I damaged my card, knowing that everything works?
Can I redo my original configuration without resistance?

My last statement :  4.96 Volts between limit x (D9) and Ground.

Thank you for your help.



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