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CNC Laser Printer Answered

Looking for someone to help me build a Laser printer. I want to go A0 size. Use Photographic negative, that is to use a developer and fixer liquid once the image is done. The image has to be B&W photographically with a sharp image quality. What sort of laser would allow me to have a high resolution? Thanks jag2x


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8 months ago

First at all I am very impressed about the fact that you have an A0 photographic support. The idea sounds very interesting, but there are few thigs to consider. The expossure it's gonna be realted with the temperature of the Laser or it's going to be a light expossure (like traditional B&W photography process)? if the intention is the second option, you need to have in mind the expossure time, in which case is gonna be translated on number of times the laser is gonna pass over the same spot or how slow the Laser is gonna move around. With that issue solved, thinking about the sharpness, I am not totally sure but I think the 2 factors that are gonna determinate how sharp is your result are the lens on the Laser head and the quality of the axis on your CNC.
To finnish with "if I were you" I have to say that if I need to make a giant negative and I want to make it myselg, I would rather use a traditional enlarger pointing to a wall far enough to get the size I need. But I am an Old School Dog.
Good Luck!


Reply 3 years ago

I guess if after 8 years with no replies someone finds this then it must be a desperate case...
Not sure of you know but big format laser printers are relatively cheap now in BW.
And if you are after the stuff with chemicals and developers then you might want to consider a full HD projector...