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CNC Machine - Nema 23 Answered


I want to build a 70cm x 70cm CNC router, which can mill wood, aluminum and a bit of iron. 

I have found these Nema 23: http://goo.gl/moJGlH

Will this driver work?

Do i just have to hook it up to my pc, and then use the software, and then it is running? (Simplified ;) )  Or do i need anything else?

Hope you can help me :)



4 years ago

Thank you for your respond.

I will build it from 3 Nema 23's. So i have x,y,z. (They are 30kg/cm) - 2 phase is the best, right?

I am trying from scratch, but i have red a lot.

I am trying to do this the cheap way, so i know it might not be the best router, but it should be able to cut 2D in a good thickness, and i want to do some 2,5D (upper 3D) cutting.

Transport system is trapeze rod, because it is cheaper than the real cnc rod: trapez rod

I have changed my mind with the drivers, because i need USB

I want to hook these up to my arduino, with some pre-written code



4 years ago

You need more than a few motors and a driver to make a router.

Iron will be hard anyway as you need a lot of force even aluminium can be a problem unless you have the motors and axis geared properly.

Also you need to calibrate everything before you can do the same again with the saoftware.

Without proper knowledge in CNC programming, building heavy duty moving parts and the right parts you won't get anything that is accurate or powerful enough.

Are you trying to build from scrath or do you have a source for proper router parts?
What type of transport system are you using?

Just as a router to work the surface or actually as real milling machine that can go through a few mm of material?