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CNC Mill From a joystick. Answered

Hey so iv got this slightly damages USB joystick sitting around my house and it struck me that it could possibly be fun to turn it into a little CNC rig. Figure since its already got usb control to some degree it would simplify things alittle. So what I was wondering was is there some complication that makes this a bad idea that I am not seeing. Thought I would ask before rip the thing apart.


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7 years ago

How do you intend on making a CNC mill from a USB joystick? Nothing in the joystick can be used in any part of a CNC Mill. Are you considering using the joystick to manually drive the motors of a CNC mill? At best it can be used on an existing CNC Mill to help in calibration of the system and moving the mill head to where you would like the program to start cutting.

For a CNC mill you need a controller, typically a micro controller to connect to a PC through USB or use a SD card/USB thumb drive to get the G-code. The Controller then interprets the G-code into motor commands. You need stepper motors and drivers to move the Mill around.