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CNC Router for Aluminum mold creation? Answered

I know nothing about CNC routers, but I'm curious about aluminum mold fabrication.  Can anyone suggest a good instructable that would be useful in creating a CNC router that would be up for the job.  The aluminum block is 4"x3"x1".  It is completely blank so I need a router to remove the metal to create a mold.  I'm not sure how accurate these things are, but it needs to be very accurate.



Best Answer 4 years ago

There are a lot of CNC projects here if you search.

A router probable isn't the right device for you - They spin very fast and are designed for removing wood. YOU need a slower drive that will take CNC milling bits.

In fact you need a 3D CNC mill. Now that is a bit harder to build and for the size you looking at I would suggest you buy either a normal mill and convert it to CNC (a lot of data on the web) or buy a CNC mill at the outset.

MOST of the diy CNC systems use MACK 3 as the control system - You can get digital accuracy to within 0.1 of a mm HOWEVER you end accuracy is very dependent on your mechanics. They need to be rigid and accurately machined.

IF this is for a one off I would suggest milling a pattern out of wood or make one out of clay in the traditional manner for casting art works.and get a foundry to cast you aluminium for you. This is likely to be more cost effective.


4 years ago

Its not a job you can do with a CNC router, you're in milling machine territory.