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CO2 88 gram modification Answered

Ok my fellow creators I am asking for your help. CO2 project is making  portable air tools without lugging around air compressor. Have pipe work and connections already done and modified the CO2 adapter to puncture canister when screwed in to release air. The problem I am having is once I attach an air tool it work fine, but after I release trigger air keeps flowing through because of to much pressure. If I read correctly its about 100 psi. Thought about direct connect from tool to air but I would like to be able to switch out tools. Have air tool change connectors at end right now. I do have high pressure shut off valve. Its just trying to regulate air flow with amount of pressure this thing releases. To be honest eventualy may be weaponized. Thanx in advance for your input. 



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7 years ago

Lowes used to carry the portable CO2 minitank for use with compressed air tools. I think they took it off the market though. There is a pressure regulator on top of the tank and probably had the standard quick release tool/hose fittings so you could attach and detach without depressurizing. There must have been some design flaw or reason for unpopularity that it didn't last on the market.